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Loyally Serving The Norwalk, CT Area

The City of Norwalk, CT is in southwestern Connecticut and is home to many great neighborhoods. Norwalk was established in 1649 making it a city with rich tradition and history. It is also the sixth most populous city in Connecticut and is home to over 80,000 people.

There are many people getting married each year in Norwalk, CT since about half the people are under the age of 44. We know how important a wedding can be and we are here to help make your dreams come true.




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The Most Dependable DJ in Town

If you are having a wedding soon and are looking for a professional DJ service, look no further than One Plug Entertainment. We proudly serve the Norwalk, CT area and offer great services that will have your guests impressed. Our DJ services are always reliable, and we have professional equipment you can always rely on. Our DJs will work with you to create a great experience for you and your guests.

Along with offering exceptional DJ services we now offer a Photo Booth for your wedding. Our Photo Booths are brand new and offer social media digital prints that can be shared from wireless devices through text or social media. If you have a wedding coming up call us to help you create a great event for your guests filled with fun!


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