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Over the past decade and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the rebirth and growth of Downtown Danbury. As a Danbury native, I have been apart of it in more ways then one ways. As a teen, I promoted nightlife events downtown at Tuxedo’s. It was around this same time we had a new hockey team introduced to the downtown area called The Trashers. This introduction of live sports and music to the city was just what it need. The local downtown Danbury Green had restaurants, bars nightclubs, and now Hockey! For a suburb outside of New York City, this was the closest things to the pros. It brought a sense of pride to the community. As time pasted and things changed, the restaurants shut down, clubs were closed, and the Trashers were no longer.

All of that is now about to change. October 28th starts the Danbury Titans 2016-2017 FHL season. This is now their second year and they are ready to ramp up the city and take it all the way to the championship. With the efforts of Bruce Bennett and his amazing team, they have worked themselves deep in the community and small business sector of Danbury to really involve the city as a whole. One Plug Entertainment has teamed up with the Danbury Titans to curate and maximize the experience of their fans. I, also known as DJ Chase, promises to bring my high energy to every game. I have a rich and organic variety of music to accommodate the various ages and backgrounds in attendance.  As a Danbury native, I understand the diverse community and its various flavors.

We have worked closely with Titans team to give the fans a interactive experience. Fans can tweet us song requests by using the #TitanTunes @oneplugent. They can also dedicate a song or send a birthday shout out. The season is just underway and we have a long way to go. We hope you stay tuned to hear tales on the Road to Titan Town!