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Being in love, getting engaged, is a beautiful, heart-warming experience. As beautiful as these moments and feelings are, admittedly, sometimes, it can get overwhelming- especially when planning a wedding. Where do you start? How do you even start? How do you know who to hire? Well, I think that is where the professionals at One Plug Entertainment come into play. We are always making sure our brides and grooms are stress free, happy, and confident in their decision to chose One Plug for their wedding DJ. One Plug offers DJ/MC, Photo Booth, and Up lighting– but it doesn’t stop there. Owner and DJ Chase Cadlwell has years of experience in event planning, being a wedding dj, and is currently an active member on the Brookfield Chamber of Commerces’ event planning committee, and has some solid advice for any couple planning their wedding regarding hiring a DJ and other entertainment needs.

  1. Visit reliable websites such as The Knot

    1. Here, you can find DJs in your area that specialize in weddings. It’s a rule of thumb to always make sure your DJ has experience, and being featured on The Knot is the biggest confirmation of that.
    2. Warning: To couples looking on these sites be mindful of vendors who are large who might have to outsource their services to meet clients needs. Look for a company that is smaller and will give you time and great customer service to accommodate your needs. Know whom you are working with so you don’t get surprised on your special day.
  2. Make sure you DJ has a Website

    1. This gives you a sense of validation showing the time and effort invested in the DJs craft.
    2. This also can give clients an idea of types of events the DJ services.
    3. The website should seem like an organic extension of the DJs personality (Blogs are a plus).
  3. View their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube

    1. This gives you the ability to see first hand what people are saying about the DJ or if there is any conversation about them at all. It allows you to see how they engage with their clients and viewers. You might also get some wedding inspiration and a chance to see them live in action via a live recorder! Or maybe you’ll stumble across a video of a recent wedding- either way, social media is key.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed? Narrow it down.. Make A Top 5 Master DJ List

    1. Find 5 DJs that interest you and your partner for your special day based on everything stated above.
    2. List out what each of them offer to compare and contrast.
  5. Schedule interviews with your “Master DJ List” finalist

    1. Meeting your DJ is a great way to insure you’re getting what you are paying for! Knowing who is accountable for your special day and it’s important needs are vital to having a successful wedding.
    2. Ask the tough questions and see how they react or respond. This will give you a more in tune feel for their personal character.
    3. Was the DJ able to connect with you and build a level of comfort?
    4. Did the DJ offer any assistance or referrals for other vendors you may be looking for?
    5. Was the DJ confident in meeting your needs and made you feel like you know you’re making the right decision?
  6. What other services did the DJ offer (A/V, Up Lighting, Photo booth)

    1. Depending on your needs make sure you choose a DJ who can offer package deals to improve pricing options and cut down on multiple vendors.
    2. Who doesn’t love options! Couples now days are looking for more for less. Finding a DJ with options can open up room for leverage when it comes to meeting your needs within a budget.
  7. After you meet with them grade them on a scale of 1-3

    1. DJ was not prepared for meeting. Seemed inexperienced and did not provide adequate services to meet our needs.
    2. DJ was semi prepared for meeting. Seemed nice and seemed to meet our basic needs.
    3. DJ was professional and prepared for meeting. DJ showed qualities of being personable, provided great knowledge and was accommodating

In conclusion, following these 7 Simple Steps to Hire a Wedding DJ, will help you reduce stress, save time, and ensure your wedding will be an amazing day. Your wedding will be safely in the hands of experience professional who are sincerely here to make your once in a life time, special day, a magical one. Owner and DJ Chase from One Plug Entertainment is the a versatile, well-educated DJ who has years of experience in the field as well as in the classroom. Contact us today to inquire about your wedding!