5 Reasons to Prioritize Professional Wedding DJ

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Choosing the right DJ for your wedding is an important part of creating an evening to remember for yourself and guests. In fact, over 80% of couples regret not prioritizing a professional wedding DJ to make sure their wedding reception was the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

When you’re spending a lot on your big day, it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to hiring a  professional Wedding DJ. Here are five good reasons why that decision could prove to be a very costly mistake:


1. Amateurs are less invested in providing a professional service

For an amateur DJ pursuing their hobby, a poor performance is unlikely to have much impact. However, for the professional wedding DJ whose business stands and falls by the quality of the service they provide, nothing less than creating a couples dream and exceeding their expectations will do


2. Your wedding is a unique event

Are you willing to hand over the success of your event to a DJ who doesn’t specialize in creating the magical atmosphere a wedding requires? A professional wedding DJ will work with you to create an exceptional and very personal ambience, orchestrating the seamless flow of events while satisfying your guests wants and needs.


3. The choice of DJ impacts on the entire evening

The wrong choice of music, an inability to read the mood of the crowd or even a willingness to spend the entire evening playing requests are all staples of the DJ who doesn’t have the experience for the job. Your professional wedding DJ will have had professional training and will be skilled in reading the room and providing the perfect blend of music and entertainment.


4. An amateur will not invest in excellent equipment

Unlike a professional wedding DJ whose reputation and livelihood depends on using the best equipment available, an amateur will use poor quality equipment with no backup plan should that equipment fail.


5. Professional Wedding DJs don’t make mistakes

A professional wedding DJ won’t use inappropriate language, or clear the dance floor with the wrong choice of song. They won’t forget the music for your first dance or fail to provide the promised experience.
If you’re interested in creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, then contact me, Chase Caldwell, DJ from One Plug Entertainment for a complimentary quote and further information about the full wedding experience I can provide.