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One Plug Entertainment is a versatile entertainment business. We specialize in bringing friends, families, professionals and colleague closer together at events through music- whether we are celebrating in style at a wedding or spinning it up at a networking mixer.

Here at One Plug Entertainment, your next event is our canvas waiting to be brought life with our unique set up and vibes. Aside from our DJ service, guest love using our state of the art digital open-air Photo booth packages. All you have to do next is add in our up lighting package to transform any space in to a colorful pallet.


Here are five great events to hire One Plug Entertainment:


  1. Business Grand Opening

    1. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an established business looking to drive new clients.
    2. Our exciting DJ and Photo booth combo is an instant hit. We offer custom photo templates and step and repeat banners. This a great opportunity for corporate sponsorship. Using branded props and party favors invite guest to share on social media. Make custom hashtags to generate conversation and engage followers.
  2. Non-Profit Fundraiser/Holiday Party/Gala

    1. Having a powerful DJ/MC to engage guest is major part of their experience. This is a wonderful way to make a lasting impression on guest years to come.
    2. Our digital musical library allows us to play large varieties of music. Letting clients to generate organic playlist to cater to their guest.
  3. Live Performance/Open Mic Nights

    1. Our live audio set up is great for bars, pubs and cafes! We have microphones, PA’s and live audio mixer. We are easily able to accommodate bands, MCs’, comedians, host, poets, speakers, and more.
    2. Quick to set up and adjustable to various rooms.
  4. Networking/Mixers/Conferences

    1. Networking Mixers are a great way for professionals to build their net worth by expanding their network. We can provide a live upbeat environment after work, the weekend or team building during the week. Having a DJ to generate the mode and keep the room moving is essential.
    2. Using music to engage your guest at a conference is a great way to boost enthusiasm and build confidence. We know how important it feels to walk across the stage, let us help you capture that moment for a life time.
  5. School Dances/Proms/Semi-Formals

    1. With several year of experience already Chase the DJ knows how to get the party started. Using his powerful skills and flashing lights generate a life of a life time for students and staff.
    2. Our Photo booth is an amazing way to capture life cherishing moments. Placing the date and school logo let’s guest keep these moments forever.


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