Wedding Memories at 19 Main with One Plug Entertainment

It has only been about two years since 19Main opened their doors and began creating Wedding Memories. They have been successfully growing and expanding ever since; and One Plug Entertainment has had the opportunity to watch this happen while being their preferred wedding entertainment vendor.

One Plug Entertainment at 19Main

You may not know, but 19Main is not just a converted bank, but also an elegant event venue and a rich piece of community history full of culture (check out our fun facts below!). Whether you are traveling from the big city or exploring in your hometown, 19Main makes for an ideal wedding venue. Located on Bank St., a popular “main street” in New Milford that is also home to the Bank St. Movie Theater, a bridal dress shop, coffee shop and restaurants such as Lucia. 19Main mixes classy, country and a dash of a bustling “Main Street” vibe featuring One Plug Entertainment as they’re preferred wedding entertainment vendor.

One Plug Entertainment at 19Main
The 20,000 square foot building features a state of the art kitchen, 2 reception rooms, men and women lounges, a hair salon and a bridal suite overlooking the Village Green. When renovations were completed, they kept all the original vaults and safes to create a unique touch you will not find anywhere else. They have turned one into a coatroom; another one often used for a Photo Booth and turned the last one into a jaw-dropping hair salon for every brides dream!

One Plug Entertainment at 19Main
Fun Fact!: Over 15 years ago Columbia Pictures had converted downtown Bank Street into a Hollywood back lot for the filming of ”Mr. Deeds,” a feature starring Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder and Peter Gallagher who all came to town. The old United Bank had been used for several scenes in the feature film. At the time, it was one of the largest movie projects to film in Connecticut.

One Plug Entertainment at 19Main

19Main is a hidden gem that will soon be all the rage of the areas ever-growing bridal industry. As One Plug Entertainment has serviced the space various times, working with Kylie and Meredith makes the process so much fun! They are two creative professionals that value their client’s wedding memories.

Stop down at 19Main to see the venue for yourself!

One Plug Entertainment at 19Main


All Images by: Reverie Gallery

5 Reasons to Prioritize Professional Wedding DJ

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding is an important part of creating an evening to remember for yourself and guests. In fact, over 80% of couples regret not prioritizing a professional wedding DJ to make sure their wedding reception was the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

When you’re spending a lot on your big day, it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to hiring a  professional Wedding DJ. Here are five good reasons why that decision could prove to be a very costly mistake:


1. Amateurs are less invested in providing a professional service

For an amateur DJ pursuing their hobby, a poor performance is unlikely to have much impact. However, for the professional wedding DJ whose business stands and falls by the quality of the service they provide, nothing less than creating a couples dream and exceeding their expectations will do


2. Your wedding is a unique event

Are you willing to hand over the success of your event to a DJ who doesn’t specialize in creating the magical atmosphere a wedding requires? A professional wedding DJ will work with you to create an exceptional and very personal ambience, orchestrating the seamless flow of events while satisfying your guests wants and needs.


3. The choice of DJ impacts on the entire evening

The wrong choice of music, an inability to read the mood of the crowd or even a willingness to spend the entire evening playing requests are all staples of the DJ who doesn’t have the experience for the job. Your professional wedding DJ will have had professional training and will be skilled in reading the room and providing the perfect blend of music and entertainment.


4. An amateur will not invest in excellent equipment

Unlike a professional wedding DJ whose reputation and livelihood depends on using the best equipment available, an amateur will use poor quality equipment with no backup plan should that equipment fail.


5. Professional Wedding DJs don’t make mistakes

A professional wedding DJ won’t use inappropriate language, or clear the dance floor with the wrong choice of song. They won’t forget the music for your first dance or fail to provide the promised experience.
If you’re interested in creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, then contact me, Chase Caldwell, DJ from One Plug Entertainment for a complimentary quote and further information about the full wedding experience I can provide.

Brookfield Chamber select One Plug Entertainment for Events

This past weekend One Plug Entertainment planned and serviced one of their biggest events of the year- the Annual Brookfield Chamber of Commerce Gala.

DJ Chase from One Plug Entertainment Events

One Plug Entertainments owner/DJ Chase Caldwell has been a member of The Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for the past consecutive three years. Chase has applied his events planning knowledge and skills to the events committee and therefore has played in active role in the orchestrating of their Annual Gala.

For the second year in a row, The Brookfield Chamber has chosen One Plug Entertainment for all their entertainment needs. Chase has demonstrated to the committee and community that he has the knowledge, experience, and skills to not only plan the event, but deliver a top notch entertainment service that wouldn’t be found elsewhere.

One Plug Entertainment CT Events

In 2016, One Plug Entertainment provided DJ + Photography. This year, with recent acquisition of a Photo Booth, the services grew in which One Plug Entertainment was hired to provide DJ + Photo Booth + Photography (YES- we offer Photography too).

CT Photo Booth Events

The events committee sold over 250 tickets for the event.  They were able to raise an incredible amount of money for the Brookfield Library. The event was the biggest Gala The Brookfield Chamber has hosted.

One Plug Entertainment also participated in the raffle. We raffled off a 3 hour digital photo booth session. We look forward to hearing from the lucky winner and providing this service.

One Plug Entertainment Events

We even received a review almost immediately-

“One Plug Entertainment was amazing. They did such a wonderful job- professional and entertaining throughout the night. I would highly recommend to anyone who are looking for a special event!” – Suchada Palmer

Meanwhile, on the dance floor, DJ Chase rocked the house all night long!

CT Photo Booth Events

Congratulations to DJ Chase and the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

Please view the rest of our photography on our Flickr page by clicking here.

5 Great Events to hire One Plug Entertainment

One Plug Entertainment is a versatile entertainment business. We specialize in bringing friends, families, professionals and colleague closer together at events through music- whether we are celebrating in style at a wedding or spinning it up at a networking mixer.

Here at One Plug Entertainment, your next event is our canvas waiting to be brought life with our unique set up and vibes. Aside from our DJ service, guest love using our state of the art digital open-air Photo booth packages. All you have to do next is add in our up lighting package to transform any space in to a colorful pallet.


Here are five great events to hire One Plug Entertainment:


  1. Business Grand Opening

    1. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an established business looking to drive new clients.
    2. Our exciting DJ and Photo booth combo is an instant hit. We offer custom photo templates and step and repeat banners. This a great opportunity for corporate sponsorship. Using branded props and party favors invite guest to share on social media. Make custom hashtags to generate conversation and engage followers.
  2. Non-Profit Fundraiser/Holiday Party/Gala

    1. Having a powerful DJ/MC to engage guest is major part of their experience. This is a wonderful way to make a lasting impression on guest years to come.
    2. Our digital musical library allows us to play large varieties of music. Letting clients to generate organic playlist to cater to their guest.
  3. Live Performance/Open Mic Nights

    1. Our live audio set up is great for bars, pubs and cafes! We have microphones, PA’s and live audio mixer. We are easily able to accommodate bands, MCs’, comedians, host, poets, speakers, and more.
    2. Quick to set up and adjustable to various rooms.
  4. Networking/Mixers/Conferences

    1. Networking Mixers are a great way for professionals to build their net worth by expanding their network. We can provide a live upbeat environment after work, the weekend or team building during the week. Having a DJ to generate the mode and keep the room moving is essential.
    2. Using music to engage your guest at a conference is a great way to boost enthusiasm and build confidence. We know how important it feels to walk across the stage, let us help you capture that moment for a life time.
  5. School Dances/Proms/Semi-Formals

    1. With several year of experience already Chase the DJ knows how to get the party started. Using his powerful skills and flashing lights generate a life of a life time for students and staff.
    2. Our Photo booth is an amazing way to capture life cherishing moments. Placing the date and school logo let’s guest keep these moments forever.


Contact One Plug Entertainment TODAY to book your next event! Click Here to contact!

7 Simple Steps to Hire a Wedding DJ

Being in love, getting engaged, is a beautiful, heart-warming experience. As beautiful as these moments and feelings are, admittedly, sometimes, it can get overwhelming- especially when planning a wedding. Where do you start? How do you even start? How do you know who to hire? Well, I think that is where the professionals at One Plug Entertainment come into play. We are always making sure our brides and grooms are stress free, happy, and confident in their decision to chose One Plug for their wedding DJ. One Plug offers DJ/MC, Photo Booth, and Up lighting– but it doesn’t stop there. Owner and DJ Chase Cadlwell has years of experience in event planning, being a wedding dj, and is currently an active member on the Brookfield Chamber of Commerces’ event planning committee, and has some solid advice for any couple planning their wedding regarding hiring a DJ and other entertainment needs.

  1. Visit reliable websites such as The Knot

    1. Here, you can find DJs in your area that specialize in weddings. It’s a rule of thumb to always make sure your DJ has experience, and being featured on The Knot is the biggest confirmation of that.
    2. Warning: To couples looking on these sites be mindful of vendors who are large who might have to outsource their services to meet clients needs. Look for a company that is smaller and will give you time and great customer service to accommodate your needs. Know whom you are working with so you don’t get surprised on your special day.
  2. Make sure you DJ has a Website

    1. This gives you a sense of validation showing the time and effort invested in the DJs craft.
    2. This also can give clients an idea of types of events the DJ services.
    3. The website should seem like an organic extension of the DJs personality (Blogs are a plus).
  3. View their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube

    1. This gives you the ability to see first hand what people are saying about the DJ or if there is any conversation about them at all. It allows you to see how they engage with their clients and viewers. You might also get some wedding inspiration and a chance to see them live in action via a live recorder! Or maybe you’ll stumble across a video of a recent wedding- either way, social media is key.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed? Narrow it down.. Make A Top 5 Master DJ List

    1. Find 5 DJs that interest you and your partner for your special day based on everything stated above.
    2. List out what each of them offer to compare and contrast.
  5. Schedule interviews with your “Master DJ List” finalist

    1. Meeting your DJ is a great way to insure you’re getting what you are paying for! Knowing who is accountable for your special day and it’s important needs are vital to having a successful wedding.
    2. Ask the tough questions and see how they react or respond. This will give you a more in tune feel for their personal character.
    3. Was the DJ able to connect with you and build a level of comfort?
    4. Did the DJ offer any assistance or referrals for other vendors you may be looking for?
    5. Was the DJ confident in meeting your needs and made you feel like you know you’re making the right decision?
  6. What other services did the DJ offer (A/V, Up Lighting, Photo booth)

    1. Depending on your needs make sure you choose a DJ who can offer package deals to improve pricing options and cut down on multiple vendors.
    2. Who doesn’t love options! Couples now days are looking for more for less. Finding a DJ with options can open up room for leverage when it comes to meeting your needs within a budget.
  7. After you meet with them grade them on a scale of 1-3

    1. DJ was not prepared for meeting. Seemed inexperienced and did not provide adequate services to meet our needs.
    2. DJ was semi prepared for meeting. Seemed nice and seemed to meet our basic needs.
    3. DJ was professional and prepared for meeting. DJ showed qualities of being personable, provided great knowledge and was accommodating

In conclusion, following these 7 Simple Steps to Hire a Wedding DJ, will help you reduce stress, save time, and ensure your wedding will be an amazing day. Your wedding will be safely in the hands of experience professional who are sincerely here to make your once in a life time, special day, a magical one. Owner and DJ Chase from One Plug Entertainment is the a versatile, well-educated DJ who has years of experience in the field as well as in the classroom. Contact us today to inquire about your wedding!

Danbury Titans & One Plug Entertainment

Over the past decade and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the rebirth and growth of Downtown Danbury. As a Danbury native, I have been apart of it in more ways then one ways. As a teen, I promoted nightlife events downtown at Tuxedo’s. It was around this same time we had a new hockey team introduced to the downtown area called The Trashers. This introduction of live sports and music to the city was just what it need. The local downtown Danbury Green had restaurants, bars nightclubs, and now Hockey! For a suburb outside of New York City, this was the closest things to the pros. It brought a sense of pride to the community. As time pasted and things changed, the restaurants shut down, clubs were closed, and the Trashers were no longer.

All of that is now about to change. October 28th starts the Danbury Titans 2016-2017 FHL season. This is now their second year and they are ready to ramp up the city and take it all the way to the championship. With the efforts of Bruce Bennett and his amazing team, they have worked themselves deep in the community and small business sector of Danbury to really involve the city as a whole. One Plug Entertainment has teamed up with the Danbury Titans to curate and maximize the experience of their fans. I, also known as DJ Chase, promises to bring my high energy to every game. I have a rich and organic variety of music to accommodate the various ages and backgrounds in attendance.  As a Danbury native, I understand the diverse community and its various flavors.

We have worked closely with Titans team to give the fans a interactive experience. Fans can tweet us song requests by using the #TitanTunes @oneplugent. They can also dedicate a song or send a birthday shout out. The season is just underway and we have a long way to go. We hope you stay tuned to hear tales on the Road to Titan Town!

One Plug Entertainment (Meet the DJ)

Chase Caldwell, owner of One Plug Entertainment, was able to naturally turn his passion of music and culture into a business designed to curate one of a kind celebrity experiences. Chase started DJing and promoting events at 13 years old. He studied Entertainment Business at Full Sail University in Orlando. When he graduated, he moved back to his hometown Danbury, CT and continued to DJ and promote in the Greater Fairfield and Westchester County.

He no later was contracted by Carnival Cruise Line to streamline their Fun Ship 2.0 program. He worked with the south Florida native DJ Irie training DJs, DJ’ing, and MC’ing weddings receptions, open deck parties, and night club events. His ship traveled from Miami, Key West, Mexico, Bahamas and Jamaica. He quickly became well rounded in reading crowds, playing diverse genres of music, and the formalities for occasions. When he returned back to Danbury, he met his fiancé, Amanda Lollie, and with her creative eye and love for photography they teamed up to start One Plug Entertainment.

They have volunteered at the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for the past three years helping to plan their Annual Gala. They have donated their services to local businesses and organizations such as Raymour and Flanagan, Shelter Rock Elementary School, Jericho Partnership (Young Lyfe), The Danbury Titians, TBICO, and Hillside food outreach. In addition, we have collaborated with Lululemon Athlectica in the Danbury Fair mall, Manipura Hot Yoga in Brookfield, and Orange Theory Fitness in Fairfield and Norwalk providing entertainment for various athletic activities.